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Built from the ground up, MegaMouth eliminates all of the problems you’ve ever had with a bowfishing reel!

No buttons to push. Durable gear system that lasts! Anti-reverse that won’t fail. No-restriction cone. High-torque. High-speed retrieve. Pins that won’t break. Easy-to-adjust drag. And more!


MegaMouth is a bowfishing reel built strictly for bowfishing!

Unlike other spin cast bowfishing reels that are really just modified fishing reels

MegaMouth is different from modified fishing spin casters in six fundamental ways:


MegaMouth is buttonless and free-spooling so it is ready to shoot at any time without having to push a button. Instead of pushing a button to release it before the shot, with MegaMouth, you pull a clever T-Bar handle after the shot to engage the retrieve. It makes absolutely no sense to have a release button on a bowfishing reel.


MegaMouth is built tougher. Modified fishing spin casters rarely last very long. They’re simply not built to bowfish. They’re built to fight 3 pound bass hooked in the mouth, not 30 pound carp shot in the side. Their gears strip, pins break, and anti-reverse fails. MegaMouth is built to bowfish. Dual stainless steel and brass gears (versus single molded or formed gears), three heavy-duty axial (not radial) pins and an anti-reverse system designed for big fish means your MegaMouth will last for many years not just a few weeks.


MegaMouth retrieves sooner. With other spin cast reels you must reach with your non-bow hand for the reel handle and turn it to engage. By then, the fish has peeled off several extra feet of line which must be retrieved. With MegaMouth, you immediately engage the reel with your bow hand by grasping the T-Bar which allows far less line to get out and saves you valuable time.


MegaMouth retrieves faster. MegaMouth is all about performance. When you shoot MegaMouth, the wide open reel mouth means far less friction. Then, when it’s time to pull in a fish or your arrow, MegaMouth’s 4:1 gear ratio cranks in an unmatched 28 inches of line per revolution of the extra-long handle. There is no faster retrieving reel!


MegaMouth also lights up the night! Four internal lights can easily be turned on creating a cool effect for night bowfishing.


Made in the USA! MegaMouth is 100% made in the United States.


Performance Guarantee

If, after bowfishing with your MegaMouth™ FreeWheel™ Reel for 30 days, it is not the best spin cast-style bowfishing reel you’ve ever used. We will buy it back. No questions asked, guaranteed!